We are Mandy & Phil

Photographers & Filmmakers

We both live to experience this amazing planet in full and we love the challenge of creating beautiful content together. Long before we met, both of us chose a career that would push us to forge our own paths: Mandy as a videographer, and Philipp as a photojournalist.

In 2017 we discovered a vibrant community of travel-savvy creatives, making friends with some of the most inspirational and talented people in the industry. We loved what they had to bring to the table, and felt encouraged to share our common adventures and tricks of the trade with the world. We believed that joining forces and sharing our strengths could only benefit the separate social communities we had already built, and thus Capturing Wanderlust was born. 

Capturing Wanderlust is about unleashing the power of visual storytelling. We can help you build excitement around a destination, an experience or a product. 

We've worked with some of the best, shooting entire campaigns or consulting behind the scenes on creative edits. Mandy has directed short films with BBC for iPlayer, and teaches filmmaking at YouTube HQ in London. Philipp has shot images for some of the largest companies in the world and runs workshops and masterclasses for leading brands in the photography industry. You've probably seen his work and not known he was behind the lens. We want to show  our craft in the most beautiful way possible and to teach others how to hone theirs. 

Ultimately, our goal together is to inspire and to teach others who want to explore the world or pick up a camera and make something beautiful.


Why Partner With Capturing Wanderlust?


We've been working full-time in online spaces long enough to know they're not the future. They are the present. People go online first for all their information before reaching for a guidebook. It's quick and people trust the experience-based information from a community like ours, built on a common love for travel and photography. Although Capturing Wanderlust is new, both of us have already had success partnering with tourism brands worldwide in the last year with our own respective online spaces (Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). 

If you are a travel or production related company looking to improve your online visibility, influence, or brand identity, Capturing Wanderlust can help. 



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Photography and Video Production

Photography & Video Production

We produce and deliver high quality visuals. Whether it's an emotive short film you're after or eye-catching photography for your website and campaign. We will work with you to bring your destination, experience, or product to life with a customised style and look to match your brand identity and reach your desired demographic. You can also talk to us about licensing our existing videos and images for your brand's needs.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

We offer social media content from Instagram stories, live updates and take-overs to dreamy YouTube travel videos. We generally keep our content light-hearted and engaging with several growing networks. Work with us to reach a wider audience of keen travellers looking for their next destination and equipment.

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Press Trips

Press Trips

Have we mentioned that we love to travel? Our audience loves it too and is always looking for a new adventure! Let us tag along and explore a target destination with you. We'll do the rest of the work, sharing any hidden gems with our wider audience through well crafted stories, and beautiful imagery on our blog and social media outlets.

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We are excited about photography, videography and travel. We love to share that joy with a wider audience. Both of us have experience running technical workshops and presenting for large organisations as well as for smaller private groups. 

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

If you are looking to promote an exciting experience or to spotlight a great new product that matches our style and branding, why not let us help you push it to an audience of travel and photography enthusiasts? We will put it to the test and make sure it gets attention through our blog and social media platforms.

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Brand Ambassadorships

Brand Ambassadorships

If we love what your brand has to offer, it means we are excited to recommend you to people who share our enthusiasm for travel and storytelling. We rely heavily on our tools, because they are what keep us going. We are keen to connect with and build partnerships with brands that share our passion.



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