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Meet Mandy & Philipp


We're a camera happy couple who love to travel and are always keen to explore new surroundings. We've been lucky enough to find our jobs taking us on adventures around the globe and decided to document our unusual way of life. When we are not in London we may be on a beach learning to surf, exploring the quirks of a new city, or chasing that perfect light on a faraway mountain... never without a camera close by. 

We started Capturing Wanderlust to share our tips and tricks on filming and photography, to inspire you to live your next adventure and capture your wanderlust.




Mandy Celine

Mandy Celine is a London-based filmmaker who specialises in digital content. With her loyal base of global clients and her own unique style she finds herself creating full time as your video production ‘gal pal’.  And when she isn't working on assignments, she's jetting off somewhere to make travel films herself. 

Her work has been recognised by several tv networks, magazines and agencies, and she has been able to travel all over the world developing her craft, honing her photography & video skill-set. Her clients run from creators with a fanbase of millions, to BBC or Greenpeace, to name a few. Although she started humble beginnings (sleeping in a kitchen in Brixton 8 years ago) she is now one of the top in her field and always up for an adventure.



Philipp Ammon

"My passion for photography, and travel is fuelled by a philosophy more than anything else. You've got to tap into your curiosity for the world around you. Getting to know things on a surface level just won't cut it. It usually requires being inquisitive and willing to spend time on really getting to know the subjects you are photographing and the places you are visiting." 

Philipp is a London-based travel, documentary and commercial photographer. His career started as an international school teacher working in Canada, England and Japan before he moved back to the UK to make his passion for photography official with a masters in photojournalism. He loves writing about his adventures and  is always looking for new experiences he can use to help other people learn to live theirs.


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